For press enquiries contact us or Roland Hyams at Work Hard PR: roland@workhardpr.com. See Work Hard PR’s website for their phone number.

Press: we have some quality pictures available from a recent photo shoot with top Nottingham photographer Dom Henry. If you are interested in doing a story about us and want to see them then please get in touch.

Coralspin photo by Dom Henry

Coralspin festival photo 2

Coralspin photo by Dom Henry

Coralspin Honey and Lava cover art

Honey and Lava - cover art (artwork by Christopher Townsend: christophertownsend.co.uk/


Coralspin logo

Coralspin logo

Coralspin smaller white logo

Coralspin smaller black logo

‘Transparent’ gif:
Coralspin smaller transparent logo

Coralspin white text logo

Coralspin black text logo

‘Transparent’ gif:
Coralspin text logo transparent

Feel free to use these if you are advertising our CD for sale, or a live show, or writing a nice story about us, etc.