Coralspin on Prog magazine cover CD

The current issue of Prog magazine (formerly Classic Rock Presents Prog) has one of our songs, Sons of the Sleeping Giant, on their covermount CD (issue 26, May 2012).

We’re in the no. 2 slot, which was a nice surprise. The comment about us inside the magazine was also a nice surprise: ‘sums up why so many are tipping them for big things’. Crikey, wasn’t expecting that!

Also on the CD are Arjen Lucassen, Galahad. and the Mercury Prize-nominated Sweet Billy Pilgrim. If you want to buy it, it’s the one with Chris Squire and Steve Hackett on the cover.

Aurovine is up, featuring Coralspin

Aurovine, the UK streaming/download site, went up last night.

A fine choice of bands currently featured on the front page and in the press release! (Don’t expect we’ll stay on the front page for long as they will rotate these things, but nice to be there from the off).

Our page is here. The album download will cost you a measly £5 — not even the cost of two pints (you can pay more if you’re feeling magnanimous). Payment is easy as pie.

Other proggy bands there include Galahad, IT, Different Strings, Solstice, The Inner Road, Dropshard, Machines Dream, Trojan Horse, Nth Ascension, Minstrel’s Ghost.

The audio formats you can purchase are 320kbps mp3, FLACs, and wavs. The wav file is what you get on the CD, ie. it’s the uncompressed 16-bit file that fully encodes the original waveform file. They’re big, though (for Honey and Lava they range from 34-72Mb each).

FLAC is a lossless compression format, which means a FLAC file will play back exactly like the original wav file, assuming your audio player can handle FLACs (old mp3 walkmans may not recognize them, but then old mp3 walkmans don’t really have the space for them anyway). A FLAC file won’t take up as much space as a wav file, but they’re still fairly big compared to mp3s (19-48Mb each for H&L).

The 320kbps mp3s won’t have quite the same audio quality as the wavs/FLACs, but they will sound very good — most people can’t tell the difference. (For H&L they range in size from 8 to 16Mb) each).

Aurovine - Loved by Bands, Empowering Fans

Aurovine going live at midnight tonight

Aurovine goes live at midnight tonight. It’s the hot new streaming & download site that we’ve been helping to beta-test. (Not that we did much other than uploading our songs and a header and a blurb, adjusting the colours, and making a few suggestions. It all worked fine).

Did I mention it’s a UK-designed project? And it’s run by a guy who’s a big prog fan/expert/promotor/reviewer?

Honey and Lava now streaming on Bandcamp

Coralspin is now on Bandcamp (link opens in a new window or tab). You can listen to the whole album there in slightly lesser quality than the samples on our website (128kbps).

You can buy the digital download of the album there for only 8 US bucks (or pay more if you want — Bandcamp lets you do that if you’re feeling generous). You get plenty of formats to choose from, including 320mbps mp3 and FLAC (FLAC is a lossless compression format, which means that it will play back exactly like the original waveform on the CD).

You will also get all these options and more on Aurovine — that’s opening this Friday May 11.

Coralspin on iTunes and Amazon

Honey and Lava can now be downloaded from iTunes and Amazon (including — do a search for ‘Honey and Lava’ or Coralspin.

What I’m more excited about, though, is a new download service that I’m helping to beta-test, called Aurovine. It’ll be going live in a week or so. More about this later.

Aurovine - Loved by Bands, Empowering Fans

P.S. I say ‘more excited’ because (a) every man and his dog is on iTunes, and (b) we weren’t planning on having iTunes or Amazon as the place we recommend for downloads. That was going to be Bandcamp, but it may now be Aurovine (if all goes well with it).

Coralspin now on CD Baby

You can now buy our spiffing debut album Honey and Lava from CD Baby in either CD or mp3 download format. The link is:

Although we’d prefer you to buy directly from us, because we get less money via third-party sales, we will still love and venerate you if you buy our album from anywhere. We will still build a shrine to you and say a prayer of thanks to you every night and shed a little tear at how wonderful it is that such a tasteful person could also be so generous.

(One thing to be aware of with CD Baby is that they only keep low stock to start with with new bands, so you will be surer of getting your copy in good time by buying from us.)