Summer 2016
Turns out there won’t be much happening in 2016 after all. But the big news is that Blake has quit his job to become a full-time musician, composer and writer, so Coralspin will be happening again in 2017.

Winter 2015
There will be a lot happening on the Coralspin front in 2016 — more news about this soon.

Spring 2015
Various things have conspired to delay the second album, but it will eventually get back on track.

Jan 2014
We have recorded the rhythm section tracks for the second album, and mixing/further recording will soon start.

Jan 2013
We now have a new ‘session’ rhythm section lined up for gigs and the second album. On bass we have Mick Wilson, and on drums Ed Gorrod.

Dec 2012
Honey and Lava finishes no. 8 on influential prog critic Brad Birzer’s top albums of 2012 at Progarchy (he says it was the best year ever for prog!).

Mon 24 Sep, 2012
Coralspin’s debut album Honey and Lava has now been officially released. It is being distributed in the UK by Cargo Records.

You can buy the CD from the Coralspin online shop, or digitally from Bandcamp or Aurovine (or, if you must, from iTunes). Bandcamp and Aurovine both offer high-quality mp3s, plus full-quality FLAC and wav files. You can also order it from HMV, Amazon and various other music shops (both online and bricks and mortar).

The artwork is by the artist Christopher Townsend.

The mastering has been done by the legendary mastering engineer Ray Staff (Genesis, King Crimson, Monty Python, Led Zep, Stones, Bowie, Rush, Sabbath, Muse) at Air Studios in London.

Turn it up loud!
To avoid the ‘loudness wars’, Honey and Lava has only been lightly limited at the mastering stage. This preserves the dynamic range of the album, and prevents it from sounding squashed like so many modern CDs (that’s one reason why so much modern music sounds fatiguing on the ears after a while). However, this does mean that our tracks will sound much quieter than other modern tracks when played at the same volume level. The solution is simple, though — just turn your volume knob up and listen to it loud, like it was meant to be listened to!

(Podcasters: if you want louder versions of our tracks just ask.)

Honey and Lava:
1. Sons of the Sleeping Giant.
2. You’re Wrong.
3. Mistimed.
4. Burn My Eyes.
5. Sky’s End.
6. Songbird.
7. Night Stalker.
8. Aching.