Red Bazar’s Tales From the Bookcase album

While we’ve been struggling for time over the last few years our bassist Mick has been very busy with his own band Red Bazar. Those of you who already know them will remember them as an instrumental prog-power trio. Well, now they have finally got a vocalist. And a keyboard player. (Actually, if you already knew them you probably already knew that.)

Not just any vocalist, though, but Peter Jones, recent winner of Classic Rock Society’s Best Newcomer Award, and the man behind Tiger Moth Tales. And on keyboards Gary Marsh, a real find.

They have just released an album called Tales From the Bookcase, a great mix of modern and classic prog. I really loved their old instrumental stuff, but having vocals and keyboards in the mix has produced a sound that is much more accessible for the average listener, and this album is already getting rave reviews all over the prog world. We already knew that Jones is a really good progressive singer, but on this album he shows at times that he a match for Ronnie James Dio when it comes to hard rock wailing. And Gary Marsh proves himself to be a great texturalist keyboard, almost as good as that sort of thing as that guy from Coralspin…

I suggest you buy it now, but if you want to quickly check it out beforehand you can do so at Bandcamp.

Red Bazar - Tales From the Bookcase

Red Bazar – Tales from the Bookcase

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