Blake to become a full-time muso

Big changes are afoot here at Coralspin. I’ve decided to quit my job as an academic to become a full-time musician/composer/writer. The idea is that this will open up a lot more time to spend on Coralspin. That’s the theory, anyway. Whether that happens in practise is another matter, because I’ll be taking on a few projects to earn some money.

But hopefully before too long I can get back to finishing our second album, a fair bit of which is already in the can.

We also want to get playing live again, although the album is the bigger priority at the moment, and anyway the drummer we were using, the amazing Ed Gorrod, has moved to London to become a professional drummer, so we need to find another sticksman before we can do that.

So look out for Coralspin to be back on your radar some time in 2017.