Coralspin’s new logo

If you’ve been here before you will have noticed we have now had a proper logo done. We love it! It was done by Sam Hayles, whose company is called Doseprod (Facebook page here).

                                                Coralspin logo

It wasn’t easy deciding who to go with as there are a lot of great graphic designers out there with impressive artwork, but Sam’s work just had something about it that seemed right for us. Even though he mostly does artwork for angry and gloomy bands I thought he would have a good feel for something that was a bit more classic rock, and thankfully I was right. It gets the balance between old and modern right, it doesn’t look dated now and it won’t look dated in 10 years (I think — and please forgive me for gushing about our own logo, but it is a great experience to work with a talented collaborator who produces the right stuff for you — and I think Sam will eventually be recognized as one of the great rock graphic designers).

I’ll miss the old artwork and design which I really liked, as did many others — Aurovine, for example, held up our Aurovine page, which had the same look, as an exemplar of good design (even though the artwork there is a bit big for the resolution, and we couldn’t get our old background tile to work with it). But not everyone liked it, and we wanted an actual logo rather than just a font, and also we wanted something that made us look a bit more like a rock band, ‘cos that’s what we are. But I’m going to keep the Aurovine page as it was for a while as a reminder. Our Facebook and Bandcamp pages have been changed, though.

Sam has also done smaller versions of the logo for when that is suitable, which those who interested can see on our Pix/Logos/Press page.

P.S. The metallic background wasn’t done by Sam, that’s just a stock image which might get changed if something else turns up that fits better with the logo.

Update: I should also say thanks to all the people who suggested graphic designers for us to check out.