Number Station – ‘Hold On’

Tom Beardsworth, an old friend of the band, has gone to live in God’s own country and has joined an indie-pop band called Number Station, who are making waves on the local scene there. Here’s a video they did for their single ‘Hold On’.

Good to see Ken Shabby getting some work, he hasn’t had much come in since that Python sketch.

YYZ Neil Peart animation now in HD

Some of you will have seen the brilliant animated version of Neil Peart playing drums to YYZ from a few years back. Now the animator has done an HD version. If you’ve never seen this before, or even if you have, watch it in HD, it’s even more mesmerizing than before.

BTW I checked with the animator, Bobby Standridge, and he gave us the go-ahead to upload this video to YouTube. If you want a real treat, go to his website and download the full-quality animation, where you can see it top quality in full-size.

Maze Aug 13 gig report

Great gig at The Maze in Nottingham last Friday. Thanks to everyone who came along, and the other bands, especially the people who provided the gear share, and The Maze for having us back again (and The Maze again for continually supporting new original music).

Ed and Mick were sensational once more, plus Mick wore his cool red shoes which we love. I tried out my new keyboard stand, which was very solid (apparently someone said I looked like I was at the deck of the Death Star).

Here are some photos:

Coralspin at The Maze, Aug 2, 2013

Coralspin at The Maze, Aug 2, 2013

Coralspin at The Maze, Aug 2, 2013

Coralspin at The Maze, Aug 2, 2013