The Elf has a keyboard blog at Andertons

A friend of mine who likes to call himself ‘The Elf’ has started blogging about keyboard-related matters at (a good UK music shop and website that I buy from quite a bit). Here’s his first post.

(Doesn’t look like he has his own account there yet, he’s had his first post put up via another poster there — hope they sort out the presentation. The general keyboard blog is here, but it mostly seems to be product release bumpf).


The Elf has a keyboard blog at Andertons — 1 Comment

  1. Hey Blake. Thanks for pointing out our blog to your readers! We’re trying to build up a more interesting keyboard section with useful and interesting articles for keys players – whilst promoting products and new releases at the same time.

    We’re just getting started, but hopefully ‘The Elf’ will enjoy writing for us and our readers will enjoy reading his stuff! We’ll certainly get an account sorted out for him soon.