Why is it always about punk?

In The Telegraph today:

Wilko Johnson has introduced a bold new attitude, however, much as he did in the mid-Seventies, when, at the height of prog-rock, his band, Dr Feelgood, game-changingly paved the way for punk, with their lean, snarling take on American R&B.

Why can’t what Dr Feelgood did in the 1970’s be just about their own ‘lean, snarling take on American R&B’? Why do journalists of a certain age always have to think the world revolved around punk, just because their world at the time did (or just because it’s de rigueur in rock journalism to talk in this way)?

Update: Bob Karnes left this comment on Facebook regarding this post:

So true. Many of the younger music fans I knew at Tower had a post-punk view of rock music history that retro-fitted pre-punk artists such as the New York Dolls, Iggy, Lou Reed etc. with a relevance that was measured by their (to me non-existant) relationship to the punk movement of the late 70’s. Reed and Iggy have set the record straight on this.

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