Louder tracks available for radio and podcasting

One of the ‘brave’ decisions we made with Honey and Lava was that we didn’t apply much limiting at the mastering stage. This is the process by which the overall volume of a track is raised. Such limiting is very popular with modern CD production, but it has a significant drawback. Any digital file has a maximum volume it can achieve at any given moment, so what this limiting does in effect is to squash the signal into this ‘ceiling’. Overall there is more volume, but the side-effect is that you no longer have the original contrast between loud and soft notes and passages that you originally had. This lack of ‘dynamic range’ is one of the main reasons why it’s hard to listen to modern CDs for more than a few songs before your ear becomes fatigued and your brain becomes bored. Albums mastered in the 70’s, for example, typically don’t have this fatiguing effect.

Everyone in the industry says that the way to stop these ‘loudness wars’ is for record companies and bands to stop making their CDs so loud. But nobody wants to be the one with the CD that isn’t as loud as its competitors. Well, we decided to be one of the few bands that makes that choice. So we only used a small amount of limiting in order to preserve the dynamic range of our music. The result, we think, is a much better-sounding album. If you want more volume, you can just turn up your volume knob! That’s what it’s for.

The problem, however, is that when our tracks appear on a small radio show, or a podcast, they sound very soft in comparison to the other tracks which have all been mastered in the modern way. The other tracks will jump out of the speakers, but ours can barely be heard. This doesn’t happen on commercial radio, of course, because commercial radio stations apply their own limiting so that all their tracks are playing at roughly the same volume. But smaller radio shows and podcasts generally don’t apply limiting, and our songs suffer as a result.

To solve this problem we’ve produced some louder versions of our tracks with more limiting on them. So if you have a radio show or a podcast and you don’t use a limiter and you want to play one of our tracks, we’d be very grateful if you could use one of these louder versions. This isn’t just for our benefit, it’s for yours as well, as it will sound better for your listeners, who don’t want a track to come on that they can hardly hear (nor do they want to be having to turn tracks up and down every few minutes).

Get in touch for a download link. Alternatively we are happy to send out a CD to you with these tracks on for free.

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