Coralspin finish no. 8 in album of the year at Progarchy

Yes, somehow we managed to crack the top ten there with Honey and Lava, at least on main man Brad Birzer’s best-of list. Not bad for a self-financed, self-produced/recorded/mixed album by a bunch of unknown amateurs (two of whom have gammy legs from the war).

Eight. Coralspin, Honey and Lava. Blake McQueen is a master. The production on this album is outstanding, as it plays out the big sounds of Trevor Horn and Trevor Rabin. Soaring and rocking in every way; the lyrics are quite good, too.

What’s more, Brad says 2012 was the best year ever for prog. His call, not mine — you’d think that our presence there automatically invalidates that claim! I haven’t actually listened to a lot of the material on that list, but I do love The Fierce and the Dead’s On VHS mini-album. Will have to check some of the other bands out. (I am of course a big Rush fan, but haven’t got around to Clockwork Angels yet, only up to Snakes and Arrows).

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