Honey and Lava officially released

Today is the official release date of our first album Honey and Lava. You can buy the CD from the Coralspin online shop, or digitally from Bandcamp or Aurovine (or, if you must, from iTunes). Bandcamp and Aurovine both offer high-quality mp3s, plus full-quality FLAC and wav files, and also allow you to listen to the whole album in 128kbps quality for free. You can also order it from HMV and Amazon.

However you listen to it, make sure you turn it up loud, as it’s only been lightly limited at the mastering stage. We did this to preserve the dynamic range of the album, so that it doesn’t sound loud but squashed like so many modern CDs. This does mean, however, that our tracks will sound much quieter than other modern tracks when played at the same volume level. All you need to do to combat this, however, is to turn the volume up (just like you have to with all your old CDs from the days before the ‘loudness wars’).

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