Guitar Techniques review

Jake’s pretty happy about Guitar Techniques magazine praising his playing. I’m happy that they thought us worthy of a review — they only review about 8 releases per issue.

Guitar Techniques Honey and Lava review

Here’s the text:

Coralspin are Ellie Blyth on vocals and keyboards, Blake McQueen on keyboards and Jake Simmons on guitar, but they are augmented with bass and drums for this album and their collective sound is huge. Their self-penned music is thoughtfully constructed and expansive as they delve into a great melting pot of prog, pop and modern rock. Together since 2008 they have developed a unique sound (although the ending of track four is very reminiscent of early Yes) with great guitar work throughout, particularly on Sky’s End and Night Stalker. With two keyboard players in the band, the keys are clearly a dominating factor, along with Ellie’s somewhat operatic style of singing, but that certainly allows Jake’s excellent guitar to really stand out at the appropriate moments. Prog style music seems to be on the up – no bad thing as far as we’re concerned – so if it floats your boat too then give this a listen – we think you’ll like it.

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