Classic Rock Society magazine review

From the Sep-Oct 2012 issue (no.191):

Classic Rock Society - Honey and Lava review

Here’s the text of it:

Honey and Lava is the 38-minute 8-track debut album of female-fronted prog-band Coralspin. The have two keyboard-players Ellie Blyth, who is also their classically and operatically trained singer and Blake McQueen with Jake Simmons on guitar; they’re joined by Steve Knight [should be Kightley] bass and David English drums. Sons of the Sleeping Giant is their stomping opener with great hooks, delicious use of synthesizers and strong female-vocals throughout. Burn My Eyes starts with a lovely Mellotron-sound and some Frippish guitar before launching into a fast-paced compact complex song. Sky’s End has a lovely guitar-intro with keyboards weaving above, before morphing into a fast-paced rhythmic-guitar romp with some Tzuke-like vocals. Night Stalker is a nicely-paced catchy-song with a great guitar-break, while Aching finishes the album on a real high, showing Ellie’s vocals at their best but leaving space for guitar, great piano work and undulating synths. The vocals may take time to get used to but repeat listens rewards you and there are plenty of musical ideas demanding development into longer tracks; the songs will work very well live.

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