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This review is by Chris Kee, presumably the same Chris Kee who writes for Powerplay magazine (I say presumably because the Powerplay Chris Kee is a Touchstone fan — hope he’s doing our Powerplay review as well!).

Melodic prog rockers offer up a debut of surprising strengths

Coralspin – Honey And Lava

You may not have heard of Coralspin just yet, but they are an exciting new prog rock proposition and Honey And Lava is their incredibly accomplished debut album.

The band are fronted by one time Oxford Pro Musica Singers chamber choir soloist, Ellie Blythe and her pure, natural voice is one of the most potent elements of the Coralspin sound. Her sweetly melodic tones thread their way through songs that recall the golden eras of prog giants Yes and, in particular, Genesis as well as the early work of Kate Bush. However Coralspin are not just about harking back to the past as there is a definite modern sensibility to their compositions and comparisons can be drawn to the wonderfully accessible sounds of Touchstone and The Reasoning.

As with all great progressively minded music Honey And Lava does not give up all its secrets in one sitting. It’s an album that will grow in your affections with each successive play, warming your heart a little more each time, and thus ensuring its longevity. Brilliantly realised songs like ‘Sky’s End’ and ‘Nightstalker’ showcase the superlative skills of guitarist Jake Simmons and keyboard player Blake McQueen and the intuitive understanding between drummer David English and bassist Steve Knightly to wonderful effect – and underline the huge potential that Coralspin possess.

Hopefully Honey And Lava will be just the start of a long and fruitful career.

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