Thoughtful review at Prog Archives

Another nice review at Prog Archives from a good young reviewer called Conor Fynes who has taken the time to listen to Honey and Lava properly (as did the other reviewer there), even though it wasn’t really his style. (We have more than one review on Prog Archives now because anyone who registers there can submit reviews).

It’s refreshing to hear a band that takes the sounds of my favourite genre, and structures them in such a way that makes it accessible and instantly enjoyable to hear… Although Jake Simmons’ upbeat riffs are the meat and bones of what the band, the synthwork catches my ear the most… listeners can expect to hear McQueen and Blyth run the gamut from Baroque-style harpsichord textures to moog, ‘symphonic’ orchestration and the simple touch of the grand piano. I agree wholeheartedly with other reviewers that Ellie’s voice will likely be the ‘love or hate’ element of Coralspin that will get people talking. She’s certainly a good singer, with a voice that treads halfway between a traditional female rock performance and the stark resonance of classical opera… “Honey and Lava” is not an album that typically fits my music taste, but there are some great melodies to be heard here… Coralspin have made their potential clear here; the only way to go is up.

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