Good review on Prog Archives

A review on Prog Archives:

The opener… a good melodic song which lies somewhere between Symphonic and Neo-prog… It takes a while to get used to Blyth’s voice but once done the real value of the songs can be appreciated… “Burn My Eyes”.. there an interlude that cries “Transatlantic” comes a couple of times to increase the listening pleasure. “Sky’s End” has a neo-prog start but goes uptime with a funky guitar. There’s a lot of funk to enjoy. It’s a very good guitar performance on a song which is very rousing specially in the instrumental part. “Night Stalker”… Put it in your car and drive. Piano again for the closer… An excellent final for the album which shows so many influences that is like saying “no influences”. It’s closed by the best song, but all the album is good. It’s a promising band… The album shows good qualities, the band has personality. Let’s see what the future will bring.


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