Good review from Blogcritics

Short review of Honey and Lava by Marty Dodge at Blogcritics:

Coralspin are a band I have never heard of and to be honest the first listen didn’t do much for me. It took several listens to get Honey and Lava to sink in. That is possibly because the lead singer’s voice is a bit odd. Nearest I can find to describe it is Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac fame. The music is progressive with lashings of synth. Not the most immediate of releases but give it time and you will be rewarded.

This review has been widely syndicated, so we’re glad he listened to it more than once! Especially seeing as his comments on some of the other bands he reviewed in that article are brutal!

Ellie wasn’t too pleased with her voice being described as ‘a bit odd’ (although Christine McVie is a comparison you can’t complain much about). She wonders whether she has a ‘Marmite voice’ — some people love it, some hate it. I just say it’s good to be distinctive and memorable, and it’s better to have polarized opinions about you, rather than everyone having a bland ‘yeah it’s okay’ view.


Just discovered that ‘Marty Dodge’ is actually the estimable Andrew Ian Dodge, libertarian, musician and legend of the UK blogging scene when he lived in the UK a few years back.

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