Suddenly go berserk

Some wonderful Japanese record shop product descriptions of Honey and Lava — mangled by Google Translate, but you get the idea:

Masterpiece of rich female vocals reminiscent of playing and gorgeous debut 12 years of progressive British state-of-the-art, exquisitely involving the QUEEN

Debut 12 years of British progressive rock band CORALSPIN. Melodious and progressive rock with melodic lines with a focus on guitar ensemble playing freely Konasu gentle phrasing to be engraved in a mellow refrain from hard, the sophisticated pop that combine exquisitely. Talented to showcase the magnificent work also listened to the chorus singing some female vocals argue stunning performance full of depth and dynamism, reminiscent of a QUEEN. It seems progress is really GOOD It thinks ensemble followed by a gentle, also playing in aggressive suddenly go berserk. Great sound of the piano occasionally appear beautiful. This is a work full of convincing a new generation of progressive rock and even calling.

2012 debut of stylish female vocal progressive rock band with a pop sensibility unique to the UK. Axis chorus harmony vocals and mellow, that mixes symphonic arrangements lead to IT BITES, song show and deployment dramatic unexpected, in the middle is entered also to part is reminiscent of the Jesus, a new generation of listen to sound full of skill. Similar impression to be vocal, keyboard and guitar prestigious technical good living, such as strings and piano, that was also affected by Sandy Denny.

Update 30-6-12:

More from Japan (with another poor translation by Google):

Introducing the debut of progressive British CORALSPIN nova-new album.

We will introduce the used / new one of the press also Kakereko today.
Let us here, from “Honey And Lava” 12 years of spectacular debut by the British progressive rock band CORALSPIN first state-of-the-art.

Notably N ยท sublime chorus work, wait piano, guitar and neat flowing. -Like to be listening somewhere. Yes, we are drifting vaguely QUEEN-derived components that unmistakably. When I listen to it, is strange coming from seems to be also somehow similar to the female vocalist Freddie Mercury.

Reached the second song, it is because no discomfort at all and even sang Freddie? Vocal melody reminiscent of classical masterpieces and is comfortable.

But that does not mean that overall has been featured whiff of QUEEN, QUEEN-studded as flavor essence has been heard to excellent. This sense the effect of the maximum increase to a minimum. Ordinary person, not that.

Rich melodic lines and catchy also shade the splendor of its own in such a group. We rang everywhere in the organ, synths, delight firmly progressive elements.

I’ll let you feel the potential that so much can be expected as a progressive rock band, along with state-of-the-art TELIOF of Israel as if it were tailored to the progressive wind QUEEN, with the gene of the QUEEN.

Review at Sea of Tranquility site

There’s a review of Honey and Lava at the Sea of Tranquility website. It’s a pretty good review, despite the mysterious absence of the phrase ‘masterpiece created by geniuses’. (Just joking Mr Reviewer! Thanks for giving it a good listen).

Coralspin rely strongly on melody and hooks to create a kind of trad-prog-AOR hybrid that straddles everything from poppy bursts and sing along choruses, to intricate musicianship and jazzy overtones… Musically the three-piece, expanded to five, are skilled and classy, with an ability to cleverly link focused, busy keyboard sounds with more straight ahead rhythms and structures, making for songs which are reassuringly welcoming, but which challenge rewardingly. With a bright production and well chosen keyboard effects, the eight songs on show and especially “Bun My Eyes” make a striking initial impact and one which has pretty decent staying power. Add to that a couple of left turns in the shape of the piano and voice led “Aching”, or “Mistimed”, which lands somewhere between 80’s synth-pop and latter day Genesis, and Coralspin have enough about them to hold the interest throughout… as debuts go Honey And Lava promises, and crucially, delivers much.