Coralspin on Between Two Worlds tonight

Just got confirmation that we’re appearing on Kevin Slaymaker’s radio show Between Two Worlds tonight (ie. Monday, 8-10pm). Might even be the opening track, so tune in on time. (There doesn’t seem to be any option that allows you to listen later). You can listen online here.

[Update: Yes, we were the opening track. Thanks Kevin.]

Here’s the promo blurb for it:

Between Two Worlds 83 is a little over 24 hours away and you`ll be able to hear music from 11 countries that spans 4 decades. The UK, the US, Greece, Holland, Sweden, Wales, Ireland, Iran, China, France and Romania are all featured. It all starts at 8pm UK time on Monday 30th April at

If you wish to join us in the chat room then please use the following link;

Hope you can drop by to hear Jonesy, Halo, Atomic Rooster, Knight Area, Also Eden, Coralspin, Steve Khan, Opeth, Wang Wen, 12band, Fruupp, Man, Phoenix, Echo, Eye 2 Eye and Aphrodites Child but not necessarily in that order!!.

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