Taken by the Tide on tour next week (end of August)

Our drummer Ed also plays in a hardcore prog metal band called Taken by the Tide. They’ve got the first track on Metal Hammer’s cover CD this month. They’re on tour next week (the last week of August), so if you’re into the heavier side of things go check them out. They’re playing Manchester, Nottingham, Basingstoke, Swansea, Bristol, Belper and Brighton.

Check out their Facebook page for tour dates.

Rob Madin covers (believe it or not) a 1973 Genesis song

How is it that these things have come together? I’m a massive fan of satirical musical genius Rob J. Madin (creator of YouTube sensation Brett Domino). And then he goes and does a cover of a Genesis song from Selling England By The Pound. It’s ‘More Fool Me’, admittedly not a very proggy song, but still, what a combo.

As one of the commentators notes, the production is done in such a way that you can really hear that it’s a Phil Collins song.

March 2014 status report

Here’s where things are at the moment. We’ve recorded all the drum tracks for our second album, and also all the bass tracks. That all went really well. Recording the drums in good acoustic spaces meant they came out much better than the home recorded drums on our first album (which did end up sounding good, but that required a lot of work). Jake has recorded the majority of the guitar tracks as well. We’ve got going with the editing and mixing, but there’s a lot to do (and I’m rather fussy about taking the time to get it sounding right). Also, the keyboard parts still have to be done (and as I don’t just slap down a bit of basic organ that’s also time-consuming). And of course the glorious vocals still need to change their status from currently non-existent to existent.

Also, at the moment all that has stalled because real-life is getting in the way for me, but come mid-April things will get going again. In the meantime Mick is getting on with doing the next Red Bazar album, Ed is busy playing with his metal bands, and Jake is busy finishing the guitar parts and telling me to hurry up and get on with the album. Ellie also has real life getting in the way, so she’s not harrassing me to get on with it.

We do have one song almost finished, apart from the vocals, and it sounds awesome!

There’s also some exciting news on the horizon for live prog in Nottingham, but I have to keep the details of that under my hat for a little longer.

Great night at the CRS!

Well done to the Classic Rock Society for their annual awards night for 2014, some of us went up there and had a great time. The CRS seems to be doing well again with the new team.

We got to chat and drink with some people we admire, including Steve Hackett, Nick Barrett from Pendragon (an old friend of Honey and Lava’s bassist Steve Kightley), some of the Big Big Train guys, Stephen Lambe, Andy from DeeExpus, and the singers from Alchemy after they finished, who all turned out to be a fascinating bunch (and possibly more people too but it was all getting bit hazy after Nick bought one last round of large whiskies).

I’m looking forward to going to a few more gigs at the CRS this year, they’ve certainly got things going again up North.