Online shop seems to be working

Had a few CD purchases already from some good men,. The sort of men you’d like to have beside you in the trenches. God bless you lads.

Anyway, the shop system seems to be working (thank you brave volunteers, TBH we were a bit worried about the risk of radiation poisoning associated with some of the mind-control technologies we’ve downloaded as a widget). So the rest of you can now start clicking on the ‘Add to Cart’ buttons, without any worries at all about any of that Helvetica-heading-format-fungal-infection nonsense that some Willie-McBride-wannabees have been touting around the internet (for goodness sake, McBride was eventually struck off, wasn’t he?). Unless, that is, our intrepid digital pioneers are felled by an agonizing, brain-eating alien parasite that starts devouring them from within. But we’ll let you know if that happens.

(Are we going to keep posting this sort of nonsense at a rate of knots? You bet — we’ve been waiting for ages to get going with it).


The artist still known as Christopher

The Honey and Lava album cover was done by the amazing artist Christopher Townsend, and he deserves a big shout-out. His website is here.

His metal sculptures are incredible too. I’ve bought some, they are beautiful as well as arty, and not at all ugly-East-London-conceptual-art-gallery-your-eyes-hurt-to-look-at-it-rubbish. They are objects you want to look at all day, just like his paintings.

Photos of his work don’t do them justice. While they look good in the photos it’s nothing like the tangible pleasure you get when you see them for real. His “trees” sell like hot cakes — hence his separate domain — but here’s a sort of proggy sci-fi one one I particularly like — seeing the larger versions of these in the flesh is like walking into a 60’s Brian Aldiss book-cover-scenario (in my mind at least):

Christopher Townsend sculpture

Imagine it 50 feet tall!